The Caduceus, a physician's symbol...
of dedication... Healthskull or manipulation?


The Web, just like the regular world, is saturated with sales pitches for harmful products and services. There are far too many people and companies that don't care how much harm they do as long as there is money in it. This attitude seems to be the rule rather than the exception. The tobacco interests, the sugar interests, the sellers of harmful food additives, the surgeons who talk their customers into unneeded surgery - the list seems endless. Fortunately, given a little help by determined activists, truth, more often than not, will prevail over lies.

To start off your visit to this site, and as a very graphic example of greed at its most glaring, I invite you to reflect on the attitude behind this gigantic, 12 foot by 40 foot billboard, erected by the "Marketing Department" of the Heart Center at Westmoreland Regional Hospital in Greensburg, PA. The picture was taken a few miles east of Greensburg along US Route 30. It features a locally-known saxophone player, Riggy LaVella, who is happily "back at work" after his triple bypass. Note that there is no mention of dietary or lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease. The obvious message is, "Come on in and get your bypass. We want the money!" This is a blight on the beautiful woodlands of Western Pennsylvania in more ways than one.

Bypass Billboard
"Triple bypass helped me keep the beat"

Although most people still continue to have a blind, but unjustified, faith in their doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, others have become so cynical that they suspect everyone of having evil motives, even those of us who are motivated only by a desire to share our knowledge in a compassionate attempt to counterbalance the exploiters and alleviate the misery of others. This site will attempt to bring together in one place those who share this "crusader" philosophy.


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Published in the June/July, 1998 issue of the SUNCOAST ECO REPORT

3) Chemical Corporations Profit Off Breast Cancer
Some more of our enemies

4) Stop Toenail Fungus
Published in the January, 1999 issue of the TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS AND PATIENTS, page 114

5) Health-oriented Information Sources
Important information

6) A Short History Of Medicine
Short and scary

7) The Ambulance Down In The Valley
A humorous but perceptive observation

8) The Overpopulation Menace
What the government doesn't want to talk about.

9) Catholic Hospital Mergers Threaten Reproductive Rights For Women
Oppression from the right

10) To Supplement Or Not To Supplement
Simplify your life

11) The Infamous 1-2-3 Racket
Angiogram, angioplasty, bypass

12) Natural Hygiene
Good health the natural way

13) Dangers of Fluoridating Drinking Water
with fluorosilic acid (H2SiF6)/sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6)

A first-hand story

14) Spamming
What's this funny sketch doing here?
Because laughter is good medicine

15) The Doctor/Patient Relationship: Let's Scrap It
Does the attitude of doctors make you sick? Fight back!

16) Home Cholesterol Test Kits
What the doctors, FDA, and American Heart Association don't want you to have

17) Tinnitus
What the drug companies don't want you to know

18) Osteoporosis
What causes it and how to prevent it

Pacing cat
"The troubling question is...
Why can't I find an honest, competent doctor?"
"I don't know. I'm still looking!"

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