We list below some eye-opening books that should be in every home. Once you have absorbed the knowledge in books like these, you will know far more about staying healthy than any "conventional" doctor. If you do not educate yourself, you will be another victim of the medical establishment. If the books are not available at your local library or bookstore, call the publisher and order a copy with your credit card. One information source will lead to others and your knowledge will continue to expand.

Have you ever met a doctor who recommends that you read certain books? That would be rare indeed. And yet, it is in books that you will find the way to good health. You cannot trust any doctor to tell you what you need to know. Be very wary of any "treatment" a doctor wants to sell you, whether it is drugs, surgery, radiation or something else. One of the dirty little tricks in medicine is to sell you a "procedure" which brings in more money than if you were just billed for the doctor's time. Get several opinions and compare prices before approving any invasive treatment.

Imagine if you took your car to a garage to have the spark plugs replaced and were presented with a bill for $1000 along with the explanation, "Yes, I know this only took us 30 minutes but here we do not charge for our time; we charge 'by the procedure'. This is our customary charge for this procedure." You would think they were insane. But this is what the medical establishment does to you routinely.

If you think this criticism is unjustified, have you considered that the American Medical Association has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to bribe your lawmakers in order to defeat just about every progressive idea that might benefit the health of the public? Have you ever considered fighting back by deliberately choosing a doctor who is not an AMA member? Our outmoded, profit-motivated system of sickness (not health!) care, where the doctors get richer as we get sicker, and where the doctors serve as their own judges, cannot help but create the "professionals" who prey on us. Someday we will change to a prevention-based system. Until that day comes, educate yourself and take control!

It is in the financial interest of the doctor that you remain ignorant. If you learn how to avoid disease, how can the doctor earn a living? Your doctor should not be regarded as your friend but as a necessary evil. Sometimes we need to go to doctors for a diagnosis or test. However, once you know the nature of your health problem, your goal should be to identify and eliminate the cause. This you must do yourself.

Several books on this topic were written by Nathan Pritikin, a true American hero. He was the first to provide solid evidence that cardiovascular disease could be reversed through dietary changes. He was an engineer with several patents to his name and not a physician. That should tell you something. A Nobel Prize should be given to people who do this kind of pioneering work that benefits mankind in the face of opposition from vested interests. Unfortunately, such prizes are not given to revolutionaries. His son, Robert, is carrying on his work. We also highly recommend the books by McDougall, Kurzweil, Whitaker and Ford.

The China Study
T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., 2006
Benbella Books
An excellent study of nutrition

Reversing Heart Disease
Julian M. Whitaker, M.D., 1985
Warner Books

The Pritikin Program For Diet And Exercise
Nathan Pritikin, 1984
Bantam Publishing

The New Pritikin Program
Robert Pritikin, 1991
Pocket books

The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough
Robert Pritikin, 1998
Dutton Publishing

The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart
John McDougall, 1996
Dutton Publishing
Order from

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life
Raymond Kurzwei, 1993
Crown Publishers

Dean Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease
Dean Ornish, 1996
Ballantine Books

Milk, The Deadly Poison
Robert Cohen, 1998
Argus Publishing

18 Natural Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol In 30 Days
Norman Ford, 1992
Keats Publishing Co.

Reversing Heart Disease
Julian Whitaker, 1985
Warner Books, Inc.

Food Is Your Best Medicine
Henry G. Beiler, 1990
Ballantine Books

Heart Smart
Eric Moskow, 1995
St. Martin's Press